Discover what to see in Sighisoara! Tourist attractions in Sighisoara.

Discover what to see in Sighisoara and fabulous tourist destinations! We guarantee that you will be transported through time and will be able to discover the local  history through the impressive exhibitions within the most beautiful Transylvanian city.

Here’s what you absolutely must visit when you come to Sighisoara:

1. The Citadel Square in Sighisoara – Located In the center of the Sighisoara Citadel

Obiective turistice Sighisoara - Piata Cetatii
The Citadel Square in Sighișoara

Among the top tourist attractions in Sighișoara is the Citadel Square, a magical place that has been at the heart of the community for centuries, bearing half a millennium of significant events for the Transylvania region.

Once a location where all important activities of the medieval citadel took place, from trials to trade, today its historical charm has turned it into an ideal attraction for tourists.

It is the perfect place to relax at a terrace, enjoying the colorful houses and the medieval citadel, like a journey back in time, reminiscent of the glory days of the place.

Obiective turistice din Sighisoara - Breasla Fierarilor - Casa Breslelor
„The M.Museum - Guilds House”

For history enthusiasts and beyond, you must add the ” The M.Museum – Guilds House ” exhibition to your list of tourist attractions to visit in Sighișoara.

This exhibition showcases tools, equipment, and machinery used over 100 years ago by Saxon craftsmen from Sighișoara and its surroundings.

All items within the museum premises are authentic and restored, allowing you to witness the craftsmanship and resilience demonstrated by each guild in crafting equipment and tools using the technologies of that time.

Breasla Macelarilor - Casa Breslelor
„The M.Museum - Guilds House”
Obiective turistice Sighisoara - Casa Breslelor
„The M.Museum - Guilds House”
obiective turistice sighisoara - Casa Armelor si Hartilor Sighisoara
„The M.Museum - House of Maps and Swords”

Explore an impressive collection of maps, weapons, and coins and visualize history like never before!

The House of Arms and Maps is a private collection that gathers and showcases an impressive number of maps, engravings, drawings, lithographs, as well as one of the largest collections of ancient books in Transylvania and the country.

The collection also includes an impressive array of weapons, armor, and numismatic pieces and anrtifacts from around the world, ranging from prehistoric times to the present day.

obiective turistice sighisoara - Casa Armelor si Hartilor Sighisoara
„The M.Museum - House of Maps and Swords”
obiective turistice sighisoara - Casa Armelor si Hartilor Sighisoara
„The M.Museum - House of Maps and Swords”

4. The most emblematic tourist attraction in Sighișoara: The Clock Tower. Location: Sighișoara Citadel

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara - Turnul cu Ceas
The Clock Tower Sighisoara

Among the most visible tourist attractions in Sighișoara is the Clock Tower, which stands imposingly over Citade Square and the City.

Standing at over 64 meters tall, and with a remarkable history as the seat of the City Council, it is the only tower in the Citadel that was not owned by any guild, being under the administration of local authorities.

5. The Church on the Hill in Sighișoara. Location: Cojocarilor Street 3, Sighișoara

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara - Biserica din Deal
The Church on the Hill Sighisoara

Another tourist attraction to visit for travelers passing through Sighișoara can be admired on the plateau of the Citadel Hill: the Church on the Hill – the fourth largest Gothic church in size in Transylvania.

A monument upon which time has left its mark, it offers visitors the opportunity to admire some fragments of mural paintings with a history of over 500 years.

Today an Evangelical Church, it was built on the ruins of other church from the 12th and 13th centuries, being among the few Orthodox churches with a crypt located under the choir.

6. The Church of the Monastery. Location: Citadel Street, Sighișoara

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara - Biserica Manastirii
The Church of the Monastery Sighisoara

If you’re looking for a unique architectural experience in Transylvania, you must visit the Church of the Monastery in Sighișoara!

The Dominican Monastery in Sighișoara is documented since 1298, in a letter from Pope Boniface VIII. At that time, there was already a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The monastery developed between 1492 and 1515 into a Gothic hall-type church. In 1556, the monastery was dissolved, and its properties were secularized.

This impressive building was built in the 13th century, and the first documentary mention of the locality is related to this monastery. It will captivate you with its Baroque architecture and richly decorated galleries and balconies with sculptures and Oriental carpets. 35 such carpets of great artistic value from the 16th and 17th centuries are now ornaments of the Evangelical church. The church also houses antique objects such as a bronze decorations from 1440 or the Baroque organ, which is still used today for concerts.

Recent renovations have transformed it into an important tourist destination. The frescoes have been restored, and the building’s structure has been reinforced, allowing you to safely admire this historic monument.

7. The Covered Staircase - Location: at the base of the Scholars Street, near the Scholars road, Sighișoara

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Scara Scolarilor
The Covered Staircase Sighisoara

Another unique and special place in Sighișoara is The Covered Staircase, built to connect the lower part of the city with the upper part, where the Citadel of Sighișoara and other important buildings are located. Initially built in 1642 with 300 steps, today tourists can only climb 176 steps to the unique view over Sighișoara.

Made of stone and wood, reflecting the medieval architecture of the city, the stairs were built to provide students with a safe way to get to school, even in snow or rain, without passing through the cemetery that was in the same area. However, over time, it has had other purposes as well.

Currently, the stairs are a tourist attraction open to the public, offering a panoramic view of the medieval city of Sighișoara for those determined enough to reach the top.

According to a legend, the grouping of stairs in sets of 6, with a break between them, represents a metaphor for the workweek of 6 working days and one of rest.

8. Sighișoara Panoramic Road

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Drumul Panoramic
Sighișoara Panoramic Road Sighisoara

We invite you to take a leisurely stroll and discover hidden places and untold stories of Sighișoara. We know the perfect place to connect you to the city’s stories and immerse you in its authentic atmosphere. The Sighișoara Panoramic Road will take you on a fascinating journey through time and space.

This captivating route, along the old walls of the Citadel of Sighișoara, opens the gates to stunning views and overwhelming emotions. With special significance, the road not only marks the border between the Old Town and the New Town but also embraces the memories of the city and those who built it.

9. The Blacksmiths' Tower Sighișoara. Location: Museum Square, Sighișoara

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Turnul fierarilor
The Blacksmiths' Tower Sighișoara

The Blacksmiths’ Tower preserves within its walls a fascinating history and a close connection with the Blacksmiths’ Guild, which built it in 1631. This tourist attraction remains a silent testimony to the blacksmith craftsmen of the past. Initially built on the foundation of the former Barbers’ Tower, it rises behind the Church of the Monastery, asserting itself as a symbol with a great significance.

From an architectural perspective, the beauty of the edifice is highlighted by three levels, in a rectangular shape. Though it may appear massive and relatively modest when viewed from within the citadel, its transformation into a grand presence occurs when seen from the outside.

The Blacksmiths’ Tower, a significant landmark for Sighișoara, enjoys the status of a historical monument inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Currently, it hosts the „Dracula Galleries” exhibition, offering an engaging experience to visitors. Through film screenings, diverse exhibitions, and workshops on arts and crafts, this art gallery showcases a range of activities that enrich the captivating story of this emblematic tower.

10. St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral Sighișoara. Location: Zidul Cetatii Street, near Petofi Sandor Statue, Sighișoara (in the Citadel)

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Catedrala romano-catolică Sfântul Iosif
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral Sighișoara

Discover a fascinating place, a jewel of sacred architecture, which came to life in 1895 under the guidance of parish priest Josef Weiss! The Roman Catholic Cathedral dedicated to St. Joseph unveils a deep history and roots that stretch back to the ancient medieval churches that once dominated this area.

The architecture of the building is neo-classical in style, with inspirations from the tradition of Italy, more precisely from its northern regions. As you approach the cathedral, decorative arcades, Roman rosettes, and classical details greet your eyes.

It is not just the impressive construction and its aesthetics that captivate visitors. From the old archive, precious treasures have been preserved: the two altars in the transept, the baptismal font, and the frames of the paintings from the 14 Stations of the Cross, are elements that complete the impressive picture of the Cathedral.

11. Shoemakers' Tower Sighișoara. Location: Zidul Cetatii Street, Sighișoara (in the Citadel)

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara - Turnul Cizmarilor
Shoemakers' Tower Sighișoara

As an essential piece in the defense system of the citadel, the Shoemakers’ Tower is still  a great history structure, attested since the 16th century under the protection of the shoemakers’ guild.

This tourist attraction has undergone multiple transformations over the centuries, in a succession of events that have left deep imprints on the entire citadel. Among these events are the devastating fire of 1676 and the earthquake of 1681.

Abandoning the lower floor and sealing off the old access point, the tower opened a new entrance that remains in use today. In this new space, a central pillar supporting the characteristic arches takes shape, and the addition of the two observation towers, in the west and east, brought an additional dimension to its functionality.

In modern times, the tower gains new value. Its upper part houses a newspaper editorial office, while at the attic level, voices and music resonate as it hosts a local radio station.

12. The Tailors Tower. Location: Zidul Cetatii Street, Sighișoara (one of the main gates of access into the Citadel)

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Turnul Croitorilor
The Tailors Tower Sighisoara

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Shoemakers’ Tower, the Tailors’ Tower is a strategic point that ensures protection of the rear entrance to the Citadel of Sighișoara.

With a simple yet massive architecture, this tower finds its origins somewhere in the 14th century. Like many other elements of the citadel, it was affected by the tragic fire of 1676, and to regain its authentic appearance, the arcade of the northern gate was restored in 1935. In the past, the two access routes for vehicles passing through the ground floor of the tower could be secured with iron grilles for defense in both directions. The upper part of this tower still hides mystery and military functionality, being equipped with strategic openings for shooting and specially arranged places for attack.

13. The Furriers' Tower Sighisoara

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Turnul Cojocarilor
The Furriers' Tower Sighisoara

Another essential component of the fortification system that surrounds the fortress is The Furriers’ Tower

Together with the Butchers’ Tower, it forms a pair of defensive structures which, in the past, watched over the Törle Gate, the site having special significance as it was here that the herds were divided every evening.

Dating back to the beginning of the 15th century, The Furriers’ Tower becomes a window to the distant past, a window in which the modest dimensions and simple shape, characterized by a square configuration, are reflected.

14. Sighisoara Butchers' Tower

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara Turnul Măcelarilor
Sighisoara Butchers' Tower

The Butchers’ Tower played an important role in the defense of the western side of the fortress and was also the place where the butchers’ guild carried out its activity. It dealt with slaughtering animals and selling the meat.

Later a bastion was built right in front of the tower, which offered an extended area for artillery firing. Located at the base of the most inclined area of the hill, it performed the defense function for the south-west and north-west sectors of the fortress.

It is good to know, however, that the fortress has a special charm that cannot be described in words. It is a place full of history, whose tourist attractions tell stories that are hundreds of years old, marking the evolution of civilization in the Transylvania region.

We encourage you to live the experience of visiting Sighisoara! Now that you know the attractions and sights of Sighisoara, your trip will be a success! Discover what to see in Sighisoara with us!