Attractions and sights to visit in Sighisoara. Find out what to visit! Things to do in Sighisoara.

Discover the main attractions and sights to visit in Sighisoara! We guarantee that you will travel back in time and you will be able to ‘live’ the history with your own eyes through the impressive exhibitions within the radius of the Transylvanian city.

Here is what you must visit when you come to Sighisoara:

1. Citadel Square in Sighisoara

Obiective turistice Sighisoara - Piata Cetatii

Location: In the citadel of Sighișoara

At the top of the tourist attractions in Sighisoara is the Citadel Square, a magical place that has been in the center of the community for hundreds of years, which carries with it half a millennium of significant events for the Transylvania area.

Once a place where all the important activities of the medieval citadel took place, from trial to trade, today its historical charm has made it an ideal tourist attraction.

It is the perfect place to relax on a terrace, admiring the colorful houses and the medieval fortress.

Location: Turnului 1 street; (In Sighișoara Citadel) –

The Guild House Museum hosts an exhibition of tools, equipment and machinery that was used over 100 years ago by Saxon craftsmen from Sighișoara and the surrounding area.

All the heritage pieces in the museum are authentic, so you can admire the craftsmanship and tenacity of the Saxons in the making of machinery and tools using the technologies of that time.

Location: Zidul Cetatii 3 street (In Sighisoara Citadel) –

Explore an impressive collection of maps, weapons and coins and see the history like you’ve never seen it before!

Casa Armelor is a private collection that gathers an impressive number of maps, engravings, drawings, lithographs, as well as one of the largest collections of old books in Transylvania and in the country.

The collection also includes an impressive number of weapons, armors and numismatics from around the world from prehistoric times to the present day.

4. The most visible tourist attraction: Sighisoara Clock Tower

Obiective Turistice Sighisoara - Turnul cu Ceas

Location: In the citadel of Sighisoara

Among the most visible tourist attractions in Sighisoara is the Clock Tower.

More than 64 meters high, and with a special history, as the headquarters of the City Council, it is the only tower in the Citadel that was not the property of any guild, being administered by the local authorities.

5. The Hill Church in Sighisoara

biserica din deal sighisoara obiective turistice

Location: Cojocarilor 3 street, Sighisoara

Another attraction to visit for tourists passing through Sighisoara can be admired on the Citadel Hill plateau: the Hill Church – the fourth largest Gothic church in Transylvania.

A monument on which time has left its mark, offers to those who visit it the opportunity to admire some fragments of mural paintings with a history of over 500 years.


It is good to know, however, that Sighisoara has a special charm that cannot be described in words. It is a place full of history, where the tourist attractions are telling stories that are hundreds of years old, marking the evolution of civilization in the Transylvania region.

We encourage you to live the experience of visiting Sighisoara! Now that you know the attractions and sights to visit in this magical place, your trip will be a successful one!